HEALTH finally dropped their first album in six years last week with DEATH MAGIC, and it’s pretty clear that’s it’s been worth the wait. More polished and flashier than ever, HEALTH’s latest album sounds like the culmination of everything they’ve been working towards. One of the standout moments on the album comes early on with “Stonefist,” the second single from the album. Today we’ve received the video for the song, and it’s every bit as inventive as we’ve come to expect for a HEALTH video.

As with their video for “We Are Water,” this one is somewhat NSFW, but doesn’t feature anything quite as disturbing as the climax for the aforementioned “Water” video. The video starts off with HEALTH performing like some sort of Hollywood glam-rock band, before taking that concept to its logical extreme as they go under the knife for some pretty extreme transformations. It’s pretty ridiculous, but it’s all the more hilarious for it.

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