Only Built 4 Cuban Linx turned 20 this month. Hot 97 met with the Chef to address the major anniversary of his bonafide classic, his shoe release with the privately owned Italian company Diadora, the Purple Tape Files documentary, and more. Raekwon admitted he was initially nervous to create an album, and doubted his ability to do so.

The legendary artist notably devoted some time to discussing Straight Outta Compton, the recently unveiled N.W.A film that has enjoyed staggering box office success and positive reviews (as well as its fair share of controversy). More importantly, however, discussing the film led Raekwon to hint at a Wu-Tang biopic:

Ayo, when we make a movie? Bet your ass it’s gonna be serious. Because we’ve got to tell the truth. And I think that that’s what I love about the Straight Outta Compton movie, is that they told the truth. So I think when we do get to that level, and it happens, it has to be the real story. And it’s gonna be an interesting one because, like I said, I told anybody, RZA hit the lotto one day. He knew who he had, but he didn’t know what he had.”

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