A Carnage and ILOVEMAKONNEN collaboration arrived, and it is an earworm. The two might not be the most obvious collaborators (L.A. and Atlanta are thousands—thousands!—of miles apart) but as Carnage told Buzzfeed Music, “we finally ended up in the same place at the same time, booked a room at Daddy’s House in NYC, and voilà. Everything came together in under an hour.”

Carnage also said he’s been a fan since the rapper’s early, pre-Drake YouTube videos. The two work well together—”I Like Tuh” is sure to considerably lighten the load of this Monday. Carnage provides some a tough pitch-shifted vocal sample, while Makonnen’s unconcerned rhymes are punctuated by a bass-heavy chorus that sticks in your craw. There’s also a great ad-lib moment about 2:30 in where the rapper goes exploring, even venturing into the lower octaves and revealing a pretty decent basso. Stream below:

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