Image via Miguel on Instagram

Image via Miguel on Instagram

Jai Paul alert! Jai Paul alert!

Most of us heard about his stunning track “BTSTU” in 2010 or 2011, and since then the mysterious (that word is overused regarding musicians, but in this case is totally correct) singer and producer has given us only one other official release, 2012’s “Jasmine.” Lately, his brother A. K. Paul has been more visible, working with both Nao and Jones on excellent tracks, but that has all changed with a rare sighting of Jai, courtesy of Miguel’s Instagram feed.

This is not where we expected Jai Paul to pop up, but there he is, along with his brother and some keyboards. The caption simply reads, “the primo’s AK Paul & Jai Paul,” but with Miguel having previously confirmed that he was working on a new album and XL Recordings studio manager Rodaidh McDonald also revealing in June that he’d been working on music with Jai Paul, all signs point towards the trio working together.

Whether what they’ve been working on will ever see the light of day, however, is a different matter altogether. We can only pray.

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The news of Jai Paul reemerging is spreading quickly and people are already showing their excitement: