By now, the name Daytrip should already be familiar. They are a production duo from New York City who have been quietly blowing up via SoundCloud and are also the producers behind Raury’s single “Cigarette Song.” Today, they’re back with a new track titled “The Escape.”

As soon as this track begins, you realize your silly little headphones may not be enough to fully experience what’s about to come. For “The Escape,” Daytrip bring a mixture of hard-hitting production and gentle piano work. The track goes through plenty of sounds and emotions in just a matter of a few short minutes. Hugh Cosby (one half of Daytrip) describes the song best:

“To me ‘The Escape’ is about escaping harsh environments. And the way the instrumental is produced you’re put in a war zone, then have a moment of escape… Hope, then you’re dragged back into it. The end symbolizes that escape. To me it’s more heaven-like. It’s us figuring it out. Making sure we don’t fuck up and go down the wrong path as we navigate our lives and careers.”

If you’re in New York City, you can catch both Daytrip and Daye Jack at the Pigeons & Planes presented No Ceilings show on September 25.

In the meantime, listen to “The Escape” below.

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