From metal to subtly twisted electronic pop is not a usual musical path, but James Kelly, it seems, is no ordinary musician.

Kelly, the man behind WIFE, used to be in a black metal band called Altar of Plagues (listen to their music here, if you dare), but after three acclaimed albums they called it quits. Now, he’s returned under a new alias, and with a totally and utterly different sound. The music that makes up his album What’s Between is probably best described as pop, but everything is tinged with doubt and ridden with a tension and pressure that makes it difficult, but ultimately highly rewarding to listen to.

“Heart Is A Far Light” is one of the album’s least oppressive songs, but the warped background vocals that lurch through the song’s second half keep the listener off balance, even as the beat gains momentum.

Produced with The Haxan Cloak and Roly Porter, What’s Between is out June 10 on Tri Angle Records. Listen to “Heart Is A Far Light” below.

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