For a while, I thought Kano might be the British rapper who could really crossover to the U.S.. He can comfortably straddle the line between grime and hip-hop, he doesn’t have he kind of accent that’s off-puttingly unclear for an American audience, and there were even talks of some sort of link with Roc-A-Fella at one point. None of this really went anywhere, and Kano went back to making the music that he wanted, rather than trying to please any specific scene (2010’s Method to the Madness album, for example, was filled with beats from electronic producers like Hot Chip and Boys Noize).

His most recent output seems to be focussed on making club-ready tracks, with both “Forefather” from earlier this year, and “Busketeer” produced by dubstep don Benga, and boasting a lot of low-end. Listen to the manic, Elephant Man-assisted banger “Busketeer” below, and grab a free download too.

As a bonus, listen to one of Kano’s very best songs, “Nite Nite,” from 2005.

(Do Androids Dance)

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