See, Confusion, I <3 Beyoncé too.

The other day, when I saw Confusion drafting Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” video, I was less than impressed. The song starts off mighty promising, with those Middle Eastern vibes and 808-heavy beat giving way to a sensual verse which explodes into a real gem of a chorus. But Bey’s semi-rapping, surfboard, swervin’, sibilance filled verse that follows, and Jay’s useless, Ike and Turner referencing rap ruin the song for me.

Anyway, one of our favorite rising producers Madeaux has turned “***Flawless” into a multi-colored, trap-influenced (but nonetheless refined) party starter. Check out Madeaux’s recent EP with vocalist Safra Nikoto here. Listen to the remix below.

The Best Beyoncé Remixes

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