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Do you think there will ever be a day where people who like “dance music” won’t trip out over the term “EDM?” We get that people have put a certain connotation onto the term, but if the term legit means “electronic dance music,” and legit makes sense when describing the type of music that houses these many genres, why not use it? How long do you think it’ll take? DAD’s been around for a year and people still scoff. Maybe if people worried more about the music and less about what terms mean there’d be a greater push to release – you guessed it – quality music… which is what we have, in spades.

Baauer’s Tour USB

Earlier this week, Baauer announced that he’d be giving away music during his tour in an intriguing way: literally throwing out USBs with his logo on them into the crowd, letting fans know they could “do what they want” with them. DAD asked our loyal readers to sort us out the tracks, and we got them. Four solid, quick bangers from Baauer? Why not.

Flux Pavilion ft. Rosie Oddie – “Gold Love”

Flux has been dabbling in a number of different sounds, so to hear him with the grandiose dubstep tracks he got his name off of is music to a 140BPM lover’s ears.

Coki – “Voodoo Dolls”

Coki kept his dubstep aggression in the bassline, but those carnival-ready drums are a thing of beauty. Kudos if you know (sans Google) where that vocal sample comes from.

What So Not – “Touched”

Flume and Emoh make up What So Not, which has gotten a lot of love in the EDM realm, including dropping a great release via Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint. They celebrated three years of working together by releasing “Touched,” which was a by-product of their first studio session together. Cycles.

George FitzGerald – “Magnetic”

Not a week after beefing up Katy B’s “I Like You,” George is back with a new single, “Magnetic,” which is all kinds of eerie and epic set to a driving house beat.

Samo Sound Boy & Floyd Campbell – “Give Up”

The Body High crew are dropping their first compilation (Work, Vol. 1) on November 19, and Samo linked with Floyd for this deep acid send-up that will have you in a trance on the dancefloor.

Dom & Roland – “Unofficial Jah”

This is one of those singles that will get slept on, but for drum & bass fans who know the history of both Dom & Roland and the Metalheadz imprint, Dom’s debut single with ‘Headz is too awesome to sleep on, especially when the riddim is this heavy.

Matic808 & Brenmar – “High Art”

Honestly, we’re not sure if people still cared about The-Dream’s “High Art,” but Matic808 and Brenmar properly flipped this one into a club beast.

Banks – “Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition)”

Kaytranada’s the future, straight up and down. His slinky funk goes through the ringer, first soundtracking a more laidback section before giving way to his particular brand of house. Perfect combination right here, for a great cause.

Four Tet – “Kool FM (Champion Remix)”

The bass on this one > your life for the next four minutes and 11 seconds.

Jam City – “Bells”

A piece of beautiful bass music, all kinds of house thumping and epic building. Jam City hits all of the pleasure receptors… for free.

Astronomar – “Bomb Ha”

What’s the best way to celebrate your “Lil’ World Tour?” Rework a huge dance track from the ’90s.

Milo & Otis – “Love 2 Love U”

A triumphant trap beat with some seriously awesome Donna Summer vocals thrown in for great measure? Great way to ride out on this week’s picks.