Growing up, everyone had their strengths in school. Some kids were math whizzes or science junkies while some prided themselves on their ability to read and write. But when it came time for grammar, even the kids who were naturally good at writing slammed their little pencils down and were like, “Nope, not gonna even start to learn about the damn comma and I definitely don’t care at all about conjunctions or when a noun is possessive.” One school is committed to changing this and has found a way to make learning grammar interesting… through social media of course.

Red Balloon, a school in Brazil, launched the program “Celeb Grammar Cops,” which uses grammatically incorrect tweets by celebrities like Pink, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna as a tool for teaching students how to learn proper grammar. The students find grammatical errors and reply back to the celebrity’s tweet, pointing out where they missed a comma or misspelled a word. The result is not only a brilliant and fun lesson plan, but also a hilarious public shaming of some of today’s biggest stars. Because who doesn’t want to see The Biebs get called out by a nine-year-old for missing an apostrophe?

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