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For an artist whose opening act was seeming novelty hit “Birthday Sex,” it’s intriguing and unusual to see how Jeremih has been reborn (consciously or incidentally) as a indie-R&B-fan approved, oversexed crooner (perhaps the whole PBR&B movement completing the cycle and actually returning to an artist who wasn’t merely influenced by the genre). Since releasing the Lil Wayne-assisted “All the Time,” Jeremih has managed to recast his sound, taking another stab at the mainstream while simultaneously winning over an entirely new audience.

In the process, “All the Time” has become a favorite of remixers, from higher-profile web darlings like Shlohmo (who’s fan-favorite remix precipitated a real life collaboration) to near anonymous Soundcloud nob-twiddlers.

Yesterday, GENG GRIZZLY of Purple Tape Pedigree passed over a new spin on the cultish Jeremih track from producer MONEYDVNCE, whom he described as, “the secretive homey…(he may be someone we all know and love, and maybe not…that’s his problem).” Whoever he is, MONEYDVNCE’s take on “All the Time” is subtle but effective, grafting dark, jittery synths and big drums onto the low-key original.

If you needed a little variety in your Jeremih-themed bedroom playlist, you got it.

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