When thinking about British arena rock juggernauts Muse and sports montages, one word springs readily to mind: epic. Whether or not you care for Muse’s histrionics and musical pyrotechnics, it’s hard to deny that their anthemic “Survival” makes both a suitably rousing accompaniment to a video of Olympic highlights and a perfectly fitting choice for the official song of the London 2012 Olympic Games (even if we will likely have to hear it during every commercial break). The further scoop on “Survival”:

“Survival” will be played throughout the sporting sessions in all London 2012 venues during the entire Games, when athletes enter the stadium, the lead up to the medal ceremonies and it will be made available for international broadcasters of the Olympic Ceremonies to use in their broadcasts.

“It’s a huge honor to have the track chosen as such a major part of the London 2012 Olympic Games,” said Muse’s Matt Bellamy. ” I wrote it with the Games in mind as it expresses a sense of conviction and determination to win.”

Determination to win indeed. Check out “Survival” below.