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Lana Del Rey‘s buzz started with vintage clips and timeless songs with a classic structure, but there has always been a modern edge to her. Production by guys like Emile and Jeff Bhasker lend her sound a subtle hip-hop twist, and her lyrics give a glimpse into the diverse styles that shape who she is. She might be making pop music, but it’s the kind of pop that makes DJs want to inject a heavy dose of bass into; the kind of pop that makes rappers want to hop on.

Ever since Lana’s early days of YouTube hype, the remixes have been pouring in. Now it’s finally slowed down, we decided it was time to take them all in and filter out the cream of the crop. Here are the 15 Best Lana Del Rey Remixes.

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Born To Die
Remixed By:
Lil Silva
Play It When: Floating through space. In this remix, a sparkling intro gives way to trembling vocals and a hyperactive drum set. At least you’ll asphyxiate to some nice music.

Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: Penguin Prison
Play It When: You want to power-walk somewhere. An elastic bassline and propulsive drums will get you wherever you’re going in double quick time.

Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: The Internet
Play It When: Procrastinating. The muted, soaring chimes twist like a flock of birds and fill the room, giving the song an ethereal, timeless quality.

Track: Born To Die
Remixed By: PDP 13 (aka Damon Albarn)
Play It When: Daydreaming. Albarn feigns a disinterested approach to meddling with the basics only to introduce a growling bassline which slowly evolves into a brooding multi-layered behemoth. The continued variation in production provides great fodder for your inner story-teller.

Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: Gesaffelstein
Play It When: Appearing in an 80’s film montage. I know this instantly rules out 99.9% of our demographic, but this belongs with bright lights and sharp cuts. Turn up the bass and curl that perm.


Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: Smims & Belle ft. Azealia Banks
Play It When: You need to get pumped. The combination of that drop and Azealia Banks telling you “gangster’s not dead” will have you ready for anything.


Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: Blood Orange
Play It When: Mourning lost love. This haunting, misty-eyed remix wont make you feel any better, but don’t worry, we all cry sometimes.

Track: Born To Die vs Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Remixed By: Scott Melker
Play It When: You want to give hip-hop a twist. Jay’s brash lyrics become imbued with emotion when mixed with Lana’s haunting vocals – this is not something that should work, but it does.

Track: Born To Die
Remixed By: Gemini
Play It When: Your new sound system gets installed. Gemini takes a simple track and elevates it with probing licks and a dance-floor filling bass kick. The track isn’t rushed, and allows Lana to perform before Gemini barges in.

Track: Video Games
Remixed By: Jakwob & Etherwood
Play It When: Ever you get a chance to. Jakwob & Etherwood cut apart this track with surgical precision, and piece together a monster with the musical muscles that only a collaboration of this calibre could provide.

Track: Born To Die
Remixed By: Woodkid
Play It When: You’re leading an army into battle. This may not happen to you often, but when it does, the military drums, swooping strings and masterful horn section will ensure you emerge victorious.

Track: Video Games
Remixed By: Jamie Woon
Play It When: You’re in the mood for some Justin Timberlake but are way too caffeinated. Woon’s take on “Video Games” sounds like it would be incredibly smooth if it wasn’t so glitched out.

Track: Blue Jeans
Remixed By: RAC
Play It When: Walking in the sunshine. The feel-good, jaunty production leaves the vocals in peace and provides the perfect accompaniment to any beautiful day. Guaranteed to make your head move.

Track: Video Games
Remixed By: Joy Orbison
Play It When: You want to listen to an awesome Lana Del Rey remix! Joy Orbison’s slowly building remix is perfect for the club or the headphones, and as the song progresses, just gets better and better and better.

Track: Video Games
Remixed By: Balam Acab
Play It When: You need time to think. A beautifully minimalistic intro will instantly wipe your mind of all negative thoughts. Cover yourself in this. Its uplifting and wordless questions will give you the answers you need.


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