For this week’s dose of EDM related enjoyment, we have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive mix from a talented young producer  by the name of Error Operator. The mix is an up to the minute blend of name brand dance music innovators (Pearson Sound, xxxy, George FitzGerald), buzzing up and comers (Bondax, Disclousre, Graphics) and newer names that more than hold their own, and should serve as the perfect way to transition from the daily grind to that good-times weekend feeling.

Error Operator’s (follow him on Facebook) debut single, Mstblove /All Around She is out May 21st on his newly created ‘earFOOD’ record label and club night, but for now enjoy the mix below.

Hit next or shift + right to hear what Error Operator has to say about this mix, his plans for his label and how Steve Jobs is responsible for his name.


Bondax – Just Us [Unreleased]
Pearson Sound – Untitled [Pearson Sound]
Deebs – You (In My World) [Unreleased]
JAW JAM – Untitled [Unreleased]
ARTEK – Out Of Touch [B.YRSLF]
Artifact – Archaic Line (Graphics Remix) [Deadplate]
xxxy – Ordinary Things [Ten Thousand Yen]
iO – AFDW [Unreleased]
Error Operator – Mstblove [Trikk RMX]
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant – Running Man [ManMakeMusic]
Disclosure – Boiling feat. Sinead Harnett [Greco Roman]
George FitzGerald – Feel Like [Hotflush]
Trikk – Jointly [ManMakeMusic]
Toyc – Sferics [Unreleased]

Hello Error Operator! Tell us a bit about yourself – who you are, how long you’ve been making music and what kind of music you make.

 I am Andrew, my surname is Collins and my middle name is John, my friends back home call me Collins. I make music under the moniker Error Operator: I stole the name from a Taking Back Sunday song, they were my favourite band at college and it was the first song name that stood out when I had iTunes on shuffle to find a producer name.  I really pushed the boat out when looking for a name, I like to think Steve Jobs was directly responsible for choosing of my name as he created iTunes. I make electronic music with layered organic elements, I try to sample as much from the outside world that I can and then I chop it all up, rearrange it, reverse it, fix it, flip it and any other Daft Punk ‘Technologic” reference I cannot currently think of to create one final piece of audible pleasure.

You recently started your own record label, earFOOD Recordings, with plans for a club night, what’s the concept behind that and why did you decide to set it up?

earFOOD is my baby – I would prefer this baby to a real baby, real babies cry at stupid hours of the night. The concept originally started as a club night but I kept finding new producers online who really caught my ears, it naturally made sense to me to push earFOOD as a label and then attach a night to the backend of the label.  That way I could release the new music I love, still do the night and build a brand attached to Error Operator all at the same time.

You have an EP dropping May 21st on your label, “Mstblove” backed with “All Around She” – tell us a bit about the creation of the two tracks, and how you would describe them.

I wrote the tracks before the label was launched and my management were originally going to pitch the tracks to other interested labels for release, however I decided I wanted to maintain control of all creative elements behind my music and everything that surrounds it. I wanted to control all my own online presence and create my own artwork or source artists. I want all the music that I release to be ‘me’ and I wanted to build it from the ground up, and so it made sense to release these tracks on my own label. The tracks started as melodies or beats and just progressed into a full piece of work, that’s just the way I like to create.

And what plans have you got for future releases on the label from yourself or others, are you going to be sticking to a particular style of music?

[EAR001] takes full priority right now, and the release party.  After the hangover from the party has disappeared and the release is out, I am retreating to Madrid for a few days to stay with a friend and then I will begin work on [EAR002]. I have a few producers in my sights but one in particular has caught my ear.  He is not from around here [London] though, he is based in the States and is making the sort of music that is blowing my mind right now. We shall see what happens there. As for my releases I have been in the studio working on a colab with a New Yorker called Shadowbox, she is a very talented young girl with a very soulful voice, that is currently sounding hot.

Finally, a few words about the mix if you will!

I wanted the mix to revolve around new music, something I am very passionate about and very keen to represent, this is the sort of stuff I would be playing out or listening to myself… Except for now, now I am listening to Señorita by JT, that’s a sick track, and The Neptune’s production is spot on. Few exclusives in there and I threw in the Trikk remix for good measure from my forthcoming release, nobody has heard this yet besides me and my MGMT and girlfriend so it’s pretty darn exclusive.

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