This week wasn’t entirely positive—Etta James passed away and the reaction to SOPA had us all worrying about our internet freedom being revoked. But chin up, there were plenty of good things happening over here at P&P. Here are some of our favorites from the week:

Miike Snow’s “Paddling Out”

One of the catchiest songs we’ve heard in a minute. Welcome back, Miike Snow.

A Few Ways That Lana Del Rey Could Stop All The Hate

Even Brian Williams is hating on Lana after her instantly infamous SNL stint. We decided to brainstorm some ways that she might garner some respect. Awesome Photoshop work included.

SomeWhere Else’s Video for “Bunkers”

It’s hard to believe, but this is the Los Angeles crew’s first video ever. Not bad.

Santigold Makes Her Return With The “Big Mouth” Video

2012 is the year of artists making their return for a sophomore album. Back at it, and she hasn’t lost a step.

More great Scandinavian indie-pop from Philco Fiction

Damn, Scandinavia. You are relentless with your indie pop. Shoutout to Scandinavia.

Phony Ppl Drop the Album They’ve Been Working On For Three Years

Don’t sleep on this team of talented musicians, rappers, and singers.

Sleigh Bells’ “Comeback Kid”

Another taste of the much anticipated Reign Of Terror.

Das Racist’s Heems Drops A Mixtape

We didn’t see this one coming, but this is a great surprise. Plus, there are features from Danny Brown, Childish Gambino, and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.

Oberhofer’s “Heart”

After hearing this swelling, layered song, we’re really looking forward to Brad Oberhofer’s upcoming debut.

Tidus Releases His Debut EP

Just days after we interviewed him, the unique new rapper/producer put out his 5-track EP.