There’s frankly no reason to dance-remix The Weeknd. Just sayin. But Chi Duly seems to be making a name for himself by doing shit that no one else would either A: think of OR B: do. I guess that’s why it works. For example, late last year Duly crossbred Coldplay and Drake (#DrakeCriesWhen?) to create October’s Very Cold. An unlikely combination with favorable results. This time around he’s concocted a series of dance tracks by remixing House of Balloons, which includes this version of “The Morning” featuring Kenton Dunson on vocals.

Says Chi Duly of his recent handiwork:

I’m entranced by The Weeknd, but it’s just too hard to mix into sets unless you’re spinning a private slowjam orgy or something of the like (which I am available for:

Steal your copy for free below.

The Weeknd – The Morning ft. Kenton Dunson (Chi Duly Remix)