Odd Future were on Zane Lowe’s always excellent BBC Radio 1 show last night, with a 20 minute section including an interview and three songs (2 of which are new) that they had recorded at historic Maida Vale Studio earlier in the day. Zane had the challenging task of interviewing an especially reticent Tyler, along with Hodgy, Left Brain and Syd tha Kid. The interview is an interesting representation of Odd Future and especially Tyler’s dedication to doing things differently, from interviews to record distribution. Anyway, so much has been said about OFWGKTA that it’s probably redundant to say much more. I’m sure you’ve made up your own mind by now…right?!

Listen here to the twenty minute radio segment which includes live cuts of “Sandwitches” and the new MellowHype song “65”, as well as “Analog” and the interview. The segment runs from 1.04.30 to 1.23.20.

Hit the jump to watch a video of Tyler and Hodgy performing Goblin track “Analog” live at Maida Vale (via Some Kind of Awesome).

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