We all know that indie-sampling rappers are nothing new nowadays (just check out yesterday’s two new Drake tracks!), but rapper K.O. Kid and his producer, friend and tour DJ Ladro have come up with an idea that’s so good I can’t believe no one has done it before – taking Chromeo tracks and flipping them into rap songs.

The Chromeostasis mixtape works well for a number of reasons; Chromeo‘s production is always totally on point and DJ Ladro hasn’t messed with it too much, K.O. Kid really gets into the bouncy, upbeat vibe of the chosen tracks and has an infectious enthusiasm on the mic that I’m really liking, and finally this is definitely good times, vibing in the sun music which helps me imagine how much I’m going to enjoy summer when all these exams are done.

So, you can check out a couple of Chromeostasis tracks from these up and comers who have recently opened for Chiddy, Donnis and XV, and who’ll have an album dropping in July. Then hit the jump for the mixtape download link and a few words from K.O. Kid and Ladro. Whatever you’re doing, make sure to have a chill Saturday, and as ever, hit up that comments section!

K.O. Kid – “Momma’s Boy”


And if you’re interested, this is what DJ Ladro had to say about the tape:

“The idea was really just to get some fun music people to vibe to. We’re working on our first full-length album but it’s going to take a long time before we’re finished so we wanted to keep people happy. We went with Chromeo because I love Chromeo and think their music is really really dope. The idea wasn’t to make an EP that was “better” than Chromeo’s work, but rather just to add our own flavor to it.”

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