Multi-hyphenate Zack Bia, who hosted one of the biggest Instagram Live parties of 2020’s COVID-19 lockdown, has shared a new video chronicling his summer.

“Summer Through My Eyes (VMD vol. 1)” features appearances from director Cole Bennett (who also hosts a portion) and Jack Harlow, the video showcases what the pandemic’s hottest DJ has been up to now that restrictions have loosened. The title of the video implies that Bia will routinely upload new vlog-like content as part of his Visual Memory Database.

Offering a small peek into the world of Field Trip Records, which Zack founded in 2018, there’s also a behind-the-scenes look at what appears to be a new video from Bennett. Among the signees to Field Trip Records is Houston-based rapper HVN, singer-songwriter Mallory Merk, and 17-year-old rapper SSGKobe, who collaborated with Brockhampton earlier this year.

Zack Bia caught the internet’s attention last year when he hosted an Instagram Live DJ set that saw the likes of Drake, Bella Hadid, Kyle Kuzma, and Virgil Abloh in the comments. He even played some records from Drizzy that were unreleased at the time. 

Watch “Summer Through My Eyes (VMD vol. 1)” up top.