Toronto alternative K-pop trio UPTOWN BOYBAND are back with a new single, “RICH GIRL.”

The group combines pop, trap, and EDM to craft an upbeat track that shatters the stereotypes around women who are perceived as being rich and vapid. “The idea behind the song is that no matter how people might see someone or categorize them, there is more to an individual than meets the eye,” member Roc Lee tells Complex. “We wrote this song to express emotions that anyone can feel and relate to. Sometimes we all feel judged by others before they ever really get to know who we are deep down.”

Member Justin Trash explains that it’s a song of support for these women, because they are often misrepresented due to the assumptions of others. “The chorus ‘she’s more than just a rich girl’ speaks on the depth of a person,” he says. “This song isn’t about a rich girl with fancy and materialistic things, it is a song about a girl that is so much more.”

Uptown Boyband on an organge backdrop
Image via Ricardo Gonzales

By pushing back against societal myths, the song reflects on inherently misogynistic ideas around gold digging and perceptions around being shallow. The energetic melody also serves as an opportunity to dance away from one’s problems. Member Joe Rascal points out that it attempts to do just that by inspiring self-assuredness. “The EDM elements of this track are meant to lift your mood and take you on a chase, and to reach the most confident version of yourself,” he says.

The track was co-written and produced with 4-time Juno nominee Elijah Woods.

“RICH GIRL” is UPTOWN BOYBAND’s first release since their debut album, CLUB UBB, which dropped in late 2020. The project garnered over 5 million streams worldwide. 

Listen to “RICH GIRL” above.