Playboi Carti has, once again, polarized fans.

Newly surfaced videos show Carti, the AWGE rapper, recording a series of adlibs in his distinct high-pitched flow that many have dubbed “baby voice.” The footage shows Carti sitting in a chair as he delivers improvised phrases and sounds while making swift hand gestures and odd facial expressions. 

While many mocked the Georgia native over the clips, saying his sound was “trash” and heavily reliant on auto-tune, others found the videos somewhat disturbing. The latter group pointed to the off-putting combination of strange sounds, Carti’s bizarre body movements, and the dimly lit setting.

“This is what I see in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Never understood the hype around dude- weird and underwhelming AF,” another commented.

A number of Twitter users referred to Carti’s song as “trash” and completely reliant on auto-tune.

However, the reactions weren’t all negative. A number of fans defended Carti’s process, saying he has to take a unique approach to create a distinct, unparalleled sound.

“Somehow that shit hits in his songs lmaooo,” an Instagram user commented.

“It’s crazy how good he is and this all he gotta do😂😂😂 carti clears,” another wrote.

Although it’s unclear when the recording session took place, Carti is reportedly gearing up to drop his long-awaited third studio album. The rapper has not released a proper full-length project since 2020’s Whole Lotta Red; however, Atlanta’s DJ Swamp Izzo claims the project is already finished.

Let me give you a world premiere,” the DJ told Voices in the Streets Unfiltered last month, as reported by XXL magazine. “Swamp Izzo-Playboi Carti album is done. I’ma give that to you, world premiere. Swamp Izzo-Playboi Carti is done.”

But that’s not the only collaboration fans are anticipating. Earlier this month, Lil Uzi Vert suggested he and Carti were joining forces once again

“Me and my luv about 2 take over the world,” Uzi captioned an Instagram story that tagged Carti.

Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram
Image via Lil Uzi Vert’s Instagram Story

The two have not shared any more details about what they have in store.