Travis Scott is hopeful the world can get to a “more balanced spot” following the guilty verdict in the trial against Derek Chauvin.

Earlier this week, following a weeks-long trial, the former Minneapolis Police Department officer was found guilty on all three charges—second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter—in the murder of George Floyd

Speaking with the Associated Press for an interview released Wednesday, Scott shared his response to Chauvin’s conviction.

“I mean, we felt, like, that we finally got justice toward some shit that was just very disgusting,” Scott said. “You know, for it to take so long to finally catch something like a verdict like this for the things that happen every day—even during the week of his trial, you’re seeing still it’s continuing—I’m glad that it’s justice for the Floyd family.”

Now, Scott added, he’s looking forward to what the continued impact of this conviction could be.

“Now that we can try to work forward to even just try to stop it, in a mass picture, you get what I’m saying?” he said. “Trying to get to the next step where we can halt this attack, you know, whether it’s from the police or any walking person and just try to get to a more balanced spot in the world. Because this shit, it’s just crazy.”

Sentencing for Chauvin is set to happen in June. In the meantime, his bail has been revoked and he will await his sentencing while being incarcerated at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights.

On Thursday, Scott was among those who were announced to be receiving RAD Impact Awards, which honors cultural icons who “inspire purpose” in their work. Scott is using his RAD Impact Award, per a press release, to provide multiple Waymon Webster scholarships to students at HBCUs through his Cactus Jack Foundation. Scott’s honoree is Raquel Simpson, a Howard University sophomore who was selected by the Utopia artist to receive the first in a series of scholarships.

Watch Travis surprise her with the scholarship below.