Tommy Genesis has returned with her new album goldilocks x.

It’s the third studio album from Vancouver-born “fetish rapper,” which she describes herself as in the very first track. Released via Downtown Records, the LP was executive-produced by Lil Rich and Genesis herself, boasting production by Good Times Ahead, the Martinez Brothers, Charlie Heat, Stelios, and more. Finding a sweet spot between house-pop (“a woman is a god”), sneering rap (“men”), and emotive punk rock (“fuck u u know u can’t make me cry”), goldilocks x is anchored by the self-assured, libidinous, subversive swagger Tommy has gained a rep for.

“Goldilocks is that feeling when things feel ‘just right,’ Genesis says. “Like you’re entering a space that makes sense, you just can’t put your finger on why but it just does. You don’t know why you like it but you do. The X is the unknown factor, the experimental element, the punk.”

The album drop is accompanied by an avante-garde visualizer for single “a woman is a god,” directed by and edited by Genesis.

 This week, Genesis announced a world tour in support of the new LP, with dates scheduled across the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Russia. It kicks off March of next year.

Stream goldilocks x below.