T.I. and his wife Tiny are facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, which they have denied on multiple occasions. The latest such denial came on a recent episode of the Big Facts Live podcast.

In the podcast, which is hosted by Big Bank and DJ Scream, the Atlanta rapper hit back against his accusers and denied the allegations. “Listen, man, that shit don’t hurt me,” T.I. said at the 1:57:20 mark of the podcast above when Big Bank danced around the subject. “What the hell they talking about you drugging hoes n’ shit?” Big Bank, to which T.I. shook his head.

“Shit didn’t happen,” he replied loudly. “Lemme ask you a question. If that were really going on—they sent that shit to the feds, to GBI—I trust in every legal law faculty to do they job." As of March, T.I. and Tiny have been accused of subjecting over 30 alleged victims, including one man, to “forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation” in the states of California and Georgia. They have previously denied the allegations on numerous occasions.

“To be honest with you bro, stupid people listen to stupid people," T.I. continued. "It's simple as that. The name of the show is Big Facts. You show me one motherfuckin' big fact on the subject and we can continue the discussion. This shit started January 29th.” When Bank suggested the NDAs Tip allegedly had multiple people sign could be used as proof, he refuted. “You go to any superstar's house or any kind of private gathering, you're going to sign [an NDA]. Privacy and anonymity must be held in high regard. That don't mean nobody doing anything."

Bank also brought up how one of the alleged victims, Sabrina Peterson, has asked for an apology from T.I., who responded by flipping his middle finger up. “Hey man, I told you before. I know from whence my blessings come, I’m not negotiating with no terrorist,” he said. “Do your worst."