This feature was originally published on June 17, 2017.

To quote the extremely musically accomplished singer/songwriter Robert Kelly, “I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little bump ‘n grind.” In the two decades since its release, we still wholly appreciate the lyrical sentiment despite the fact that Kelly has become increasingly problematic. Nonetheless, whether you’re into the vanilla, regular degular intercourse, or doin’ it as if the world is ending (which, like, it might be) and it’s the last time you’re going to get off level sex, a lot of factors go into setting the mood right.

There’s obviously the existing chemistry you feel between you and your partner(s) that is somewhat out of your control, but everything else can be influenced. Timing and circumstances are major. Is it your significant other? Are you in love? Is it someone you’re doing it with for the first time? Or maybe the last time? Are you about to lose your virginity?! (If so, good luck out there. Don’t get your heart broken, kid.)

Beyond timing there’s the location. You doin’ this in a bed? At a hotel? In the car? At your parents’ house? Are you about to join the mile high club? (People don’t really do this, do they?)

All of these circumstances are ultimately your problem, but we can help with something, and it’s very, very important: the music you listen to. Your sex playlist is absolutely vital. Not only does it set the #mood, it can change the entire vibe regardless of all of the aforementioned factors. So, with this highly scientific list of the best songs to have sex to, we are here to make sure whoever it is you are giving it to is going to text their friends all of the splash drops emojis about you afterwards. After all, that's what we all want, isn't it? Here are the best songs to have sex to.

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