Producer: Just Blaze
Album: The Blueprint 2: The Gift And The Curse
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Jay-Z is hip-hop's number one cultural architect. He showed you the blueprint and taught you how to build a successful career (in any line of work, really). And never was he a better teacher than on “Show You How.”

For starters, Hov gave you a crash course on cool. Addressing his students over a boombastic Just Blaze banger, Professor Carter warned against becoming now-and-later rappers: “Rap about it now/Hope you get it later.”

Drivers ed: “We don't drive X5's/We give em to baby mamas.” Apparel merchandising: “These ain't Diesel/Nigga, these is Evisu.” He even lectured on women on the finer points of street pharmaceuticals: “Put a little in the baggie/put a little in the purse.” Call it Jiggaman 101.