Producer: Irv Gotti, Lil Rob
Album: Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

The summer of 1998 was huge for Jay-Z. He had come into his own as an artist and was beginning to accumulate the mainstream accolades he'd always longed for. Leading up to the release of his third album, Vol. 2, Jay had four charting singles including “Can I...” which had dance floors packed and middle fingers up. Jay kicked that futuristic flow and had no love for women who were only after his dough.

Although Jay was still somewhat “new” (at least to the masses) at the time, it didn't stop him from introducing us to his proteges: one a growling pocket-sized Pac named Ja Rule and the other being Amil, that chick from Major Coinz. The song worked and this call-and-response anthem had New York and the rest of the world bouncin' (Hi Cam!).