Producer: Drumma Boy
Album: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Aslyum, Warner Bros.

The Appeal, thanks in part to a lackluster lead single ("Gucci Time") and Gucci's ongoing legal drama, wasn't quite the winner the rapper was hoping for, though it did put to bed the idea that legal infractions can only help improve credibility (or at the very least, argued that it only works to certain a point). But one highlight on the record was a collaboration with Drumma Boy. With a densely lyrical approach and heady autobiographical undercurrent, "What It's Gonna Be" is one of his catalog's truly epic moments, the point where his ambitions and musicality seemed to be reaching a peak of craft, where he pushed himself to manifest the full potential of what a Gucci and Drumma track could possibly be.

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