Producer: Zaytoven
Album: Hard to Kill
Label: Big Cat Records

"Pillz" is as creative as it is perfect in its simplicity. A straightforward ode to rollin' off a bean packed with iconic, hooky lyrics (some of which would go on to become actual hooks themselves for other songs) with a queasy, spare beat from Zaytoven, it was completely original, one-of-a-kind, not just for Gucci's catalog, but for hip-hop and pop music, too. Every line seems indebted to the absurdity of the MDMA high, and with it, the unapologetic hedonism and recklessness it involves ("we been rollin' rollin' rollin' we ain't slept in weeks"). It captures something about the addict's complete lack of regard for time, the fruitless search of the infinite high: "'Gucci Mane you stupid, but I love the way you flowing/Riding in my drop but I don't know where I'm going/On 285 I keep goin' in a circle, the inside of my ride smell like a pound of purple." In other words: It's pure, uncut Gucci.