Producer: Cyber Sapp
Album: Hard to Kill
Label: Big Cat Records

"Freaky Gurl" was Gucci's first hit since "Icy" to reach the Hot 100, peaking at No. 62 in 2007 and marking the beginning of his return to relevance. As it had with "Icy" two years earlier, controversy and conflict surrounded the song. In late 2006, Atlantic Records bought Gucci's contract from Big Cat Records, the independent label that had been selling Gucci's material, for $300,000 and a percentage of the royalties on his major label debut with Atlantic. They pushed the single "Bird Flu," which failed to gain much traction.

Big Cat, in the meantime, continued to market the independently-released Hard to Kill, which featured "Freaky Gurl." The song began to chart, and Atlantic, eager capitalize, sought the track out for Gucci's Back to the Traphouse, according to Big Cat CEO Marlon Rowe. Or, argued Atlantic, Big Cat approached them and tried to sell the royalties to the track for a figure in the six figures. The talks fell through, and Gucci re-recorded the song through Atlantic with a guest verse from Ludacris.

Ultimately, a lawsuit resulted (Gucci Mane and Atlantic Records vs. Marlon Rowe), and Big Cat president Melvin Breeden publicly accused Gucci and Atlantic of espionage; Cyber Sapp, the producer behind the hit song, secured the files from the label before the track mysteriously ended up in the hands of Gucci and Atlantic, although he denied involvement. To add to the confusion, Gucci was having his own conflicts with Atlantic at the time over the direction of his album. As a song, the track has some of Gucci's funniest material ("my money long as a limo / just to show off I put my wrist out the window"), but of course, the song really belongs to Rick James (interpolated for the hook) and R&B singer Joi, whose song "Lick" was sampled for the beat.