Astrology has experienced a significant resurgence in mainstream popularity over the last couple of years, but the practice has of course been around for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s because millennials are seemingly more introspective than previous generations, or perhaps it’s because we’re desperately seeking excuses for our behavior. Either way, it’s not going away any time soon.

Millennials aren’t the only ones who love astrology, though; plenty of rappers have employed references to the practice in their rhymes. This can largely be attributed to the popularity of astrology in the ‘70s, which is also when hip-hop originated. In rap music both old and new, there exists a plethora of astrology references, in which rappers use their signs as a way to brag about themselves, as a way to attract a sexual partner, or as a cover for their behavior (stars: they’re just like us).

You don’t necessarily have to understand astrology to be able to appreciate a good astrology reference. Sometimes, it’s enough to just hear your sun sign shouted out in the middle of a quick 16 bars. But if you do understand astrology, it can make dissecting these references that much more interesting. Plus, you can determine whether or not the rappers themselves actually understand these references, or if the shit just sounds good.

And although astrology is often associated with women, plenty of male rappers love to shout out the zodiac. In fact, all of the references on this list are by male rappers, except for one by Nicki Minaj (who has referenced her sun sign—Sagittarius—in multiple songs). No matter your background or identity, astrology is an easy way to tell people what you’re all about, which makes it perfect for rap music.

These are the best astrology references in rap songs.