Produced By: The Infinite Arkatechz
Album: Nas and Ill Will Records Present QB Finest
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Prodigy and Nas get deep like the mind of Farrakhan on a nightmarish track that gets into their thought processes. P really gets into the concept, letting us hear what his conscience tells him about writing lyrics: "Take my word, niggas wanna hear how you think/It be that shit that you wouldn't expect to win/That stay playin' in they decks over and again... Place your anger on the page, release tension on the tape/A stress verse, seem to be what they most thirst." But penmanship isn't the only advice, as his conscience keeps it real with Prodigy: "Without me you'd be a memory/I'm the one you could come to for guidance/Bring you home alive when you wildin'."

Nas doesn't engage in a by-his-self convo, but does reveal his thoughts about trust: "See, niggas smile up in your face and stick a knife in your back/Snakes shake your hand and got his dick up in your wife back/Why's it like that? It's life Black, this is the game/The way I see it both bitches and niggas is the same/I trust myself, I can't fuck myself/When hoes leave and no weed I still know me, just myself." So what have we learned? When you're out for delfia-selfia, remember that your conscience is there to help ya.