Album: All Eyez on Me
Label: Death Row Records
Producer: Daz Dillinger

In late 1995, Suge Knight paid $1.4 million to bail 2Pac out of jail in exchange for the rapper's undying loyalty to Death Row. He had served eight months on charges of sexual assault. “Ambitionz az a Ridah” was the first song he recorded upon his release. The song has all the paranoia and excitement and psychosis of that moment, in which Pac's creative juices were finally uncorked and left to mingle with the deadly rage that had simmered during his incarceration.

He envisioned the song as a ring entrance for Mike Tyson, who previously walked to Redman until Pac chewed him out for it. “Don't you ever play those fucking songs again,” Shakur told him. “They don't give a fuck about you.” On the night that 2Pac watched Tyson destroy Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand, the rapper's “Wrote For Glory” played in the arena.

Still, it is “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”-with a psychotically lopsided beat by Daz Dillinger-that is the rightful soundtrack to the fatal evening. "He was probably a misguided warrior,” said Tyson of his friend, years later. “He had a heart as big as this planet. He had so much love and compassion, and you couldn't even see it under his rage."

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