How did your deal with PgLang come about? What was the recruitment process like? 
It was just a casual reach-out. I got in contact with Dave [Free] just to show him something I was working on. I directed a video for myself and I knew that he was a very well-known and respected videographer. Not only just a videographer, but Black LA native legend. I respect him. So it was like, let me see what he thinks about this. He might open it, he might not. I guess I called him at the right time, and that’s where the relationship started. A few months later, I finished up the EP I was working on, sent it to him, went to sleep, woke up, and then we talked the next day and that’s where it really all began.

How does PgLang’s mission align with your personal goals? 
It’s so perfect. It’s beyond the fact that it’s artists involved. It’s really like a family. It’s its own ecosystem and it really supports the creative. It really supports and respects everyone’s mind in the team, because everybody’s there for a reason. So that makes it very special. It was perfect for me, because outside of music, I’m creative in other spaces and I’m skilled in other spaces. It took me a while to realize I wanted to pursue music, so on that journey, I started getting good at other things. That alone is why being a part of a company like pgLang is so attractive to a multifaceted, multi-hyphenated, creative artist.

“I’m not a stranger to being an underdog, so I don’t have a problem putting in the work and proving myself. I’m going to be here for a really long time.”

What have your interactions with Kendrick Lamar been like? Have you gotten the chance to bounce ideas off of each other? 
That’s the homie. That’s my big bro for real. That goes back into the family thing. We’ve been around each other for longer than people know, so we already have a relationship and it was from the first day we met, honestly. It just made sense. I’ve been a fan of Dot’s for years. Everybody around me always knew he was one of my favorites. So for it to be exactly what I thought it would be from afar, was great. I feel like we belong to the same spirit family or something. He’s really good people. Great people.

Is there anything that you’ve learned from him, from a creative standpoint? 
Yeah, for sure. Just being able to observe him and how he moves, because we have a similar personality type. A lot of the things that I’ve been picking up on have been intangible, like how to navigate this way of life. Outside of being able to soak up game when I sit in the studio, we are very good at bouncing ideas off of each other and getting a goal accomplished.