Takeoff will face no criminal charges for allegedly raping a woman last year, TMZ reports

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced on Friday that it is declining to move forward with the case due to insufficient evidence. The Migo’s lawyer claims to have also thoroughly combed through the case to reach the same conclusion as the District Attorney’s office. 

“The allegations were patently and provably false,” Takeoff’s attorney Drew Findling said to TMZ. 

In August 2020, an anonymous woman claimed to have encountered Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, at a party for a Migos associate identified as “Durel.” Per documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Takeoff allegedly offered the woman weed and tried to pursue her, but she “declined his advances.” She alleged that they ran into each other later at the party in a stairwell. He then followed her into the room where she claims the rapper sexually assaulted her.

Along with filing a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, the woman also took a medical exam the day after the alleged assault. She then filed a civil suit against Takeoff which prompted the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office to see if criminal charges were also necessary. 

Findling has maintained Takeoff’s innocence since the news started to make headlines, claiming the accusations were fabricated for financial gain. 

“Takeoff is renowned for his artistic talent as well as his quiet, reserved and peaceful personality. In this instance, those known personality traits have made him a target of an obvious exploitative money grab,” he said at the time. “As his counsel, we are well aware and well versed on the importance of civil and criminal prosecution of true sexual assaults. This is not one of those situations.”

Although Takeoff was able to evade criminal prosecution, he will still have to continue with the civil court proceedings to fully close the door on these accusations.