T-Pain revealed Sunday that his 97-year-old grandmother tested positive for COVID-19 after allegedly contracting the virus from her nurse. 

“Bro…… my 97 year old grandma….. is in the hospital alone… with Covid…… that she got……. FROM HER F*CKIN NURSE!!!! 🤦🏿‍♂️ Wtf is wrong with ppl man?! Pls yall,” he wrote. “Just explain it to me! Just help us end this shit pls ppl.”

T-Pain later explained in another tweet that her nurse was allegedly symptomatic before being sent home, resulting in contact tracing and subsequent testing for anyone who would be considered at-risk, which included his grandmother.

“She was not asymptomatic. She was sent home and the hospital had to contact every patient she had come in contact with,” he added. “Gma got tested when she got there and was negative. Then positive after the nurse was sent home. There’s no agenda. Ppl are assholes.”

The “Buy U a Drank” artist claims his grandmother was tested prior to the nurse’s arrival, a test that came back negative, leading him to believe that her attendant was responsible for the positive return. 

While T-Pain didn’t disclose the nurse’s vaccination status, the story comes days after Houston Methodist Hospital became the first large health system in the United States to enforce a vaccine stipulation on its employees. Of the 25,000 workers, about 150 were either fired or resigned for refusing to meet the requirement, according to Reuters. 

In response to New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, Northwell Health, the largest hospital system in the state, announced on Monday the dismissal of 1,400 employees over their refusal to get vaccinated. The New York Times reports 92 percent of the hospital and nursing home workforce, which amounts to over 650,000 people, have received at least one dose of the vaccine.