Born in Germany, raised in Nigeria and now based in South London, newcomer Strandz’s upbringing has given him a unique perspective in the rap scene. Back in April, he stunned us all with “Don’t Let Them See You Cry” and now he’s back with another soul-sampling gem in “Us Against The World”.

Opening with a pitched-up sample of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ “Who’s Gonna Take The Blame”, the influence of 50 Cent and G-Unit looms large once again. But while the production leans heavily into the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Strandz’s flow is anything but a throwback, opting for a slow-and-low delivery that fits well with that era of hip-hop while still being right-up-to-the-minute new.

For the video, he’s kept things pretty straightforward. Playing to the Bonnie & Clyde themes in the lyrics, we follow Strandz and pals on a getaway drive into the wilderness before he connects with his partner and crime so they can head out on the lam together.

Strandz has been playing with the formula of classic hip-hop allusions and references blended with 2020s UK rap for a little while now, but with these past couple of releases, it seems like he’s just about perfected the recipe. He’s currently notching up some serious numbers on TikTok and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks beyond that.

Peep the visuals above and be sure to add “Us Against The World” to your playlists.