Silento is still behind bars after a judge denied the rapper’s bail request. 

According to TMZ, Silento has a bond hearing on Wednesday in DeKalb County, Georgia. During the hearing, a judge decided that the rapper’s mental health issues and documented history of not taking his prescribed medication made him a risk to the community. As a result, Silento’s $25,000 bail request was denied. 

The judge’s decision was swayed by the prosecution pointing out that Silento has a history of denying his mental health issues, noting that the rapper once left a mental health facility in California. His grandparents even urged the judge not to grant their grandson a bond. 

Silento’s lawyers tried to explain that the artist is actually a great person who is a role model in his community. Aside from his hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” Silento’s legal team stated that he urges kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, Silento suffers from bipolar disorder and other mental health issues which his legal team thinks lands him in trouble. Yet, his lawyers insisted that Silento wouldn’t be a flight risk if he was released from jail. 

Silento is currently in jail fighting a felony murder charge for his alleged role in the death of his cousin, Frederick Rooks