Sometimes bosses need to take care of their own business. 

Taking to his Instagram Stories over the weekend, Rick Ross gave fans an inside look at his lumberjack aspirations, after he decided he needed to chop down 10 massive oak trees on his property for the sake of his farm animals. The task seemed straight forward enough for Rozzay, but he when he got a quote of $10,000—$1,000 for each tree—from an outside contractor, he knew he needed to take matters into his own hands. 

“I just told my homie, ‘You go to Home Depot and you go get me the biggest motherfuckin’ saw there is with a big chain, and you crank that motherfucker. Imma cut the trees down.’ You heard me? The thing about business, I’m hands on so Imma handle my own… Hold on, I need someone to hit Kanye and tell Kanye I need some of them boots, I’m going to cut the tree down. I need some boots. Yeezy! I need them boots, baby!”

Shortly after his declaration, Ross could be seen rocking a large cowboy-esque hat as he stood in his mansion, telling his followers that he’s “hands on” and will “cut down my own motherfuckin’ trees.” As Ross explained, it was officially time for him to make room for his animals. 

The Instagram story that immediately followed showed Ross with a saw in hand while he cut down his own oak trees, as promised. He was, of course, successful in his property upkeep, later riding around on an ATV and doing celebratory donuts.

“Instead of me paying $10,000 to an outsider, went to Home Depot and bought two new saws for $2,000,” Ross said. “Was really only $5,000 worth of work. You take the $5,000, give that to your homies… You still got $3,000 for ya pockets. Come on, man, you could go get Wing Stop, man.”

Check out the entire tree-chopping saga above.