To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX, Rapsody teamed up with ESPN’s Fifty/50 Initiative to release her latest track, “Dust to Diamonds” featuring Faouzia.

The rapper also debuted the new song live at the espnW Summit in New York City. The track itself finds Rapsody highlighting women across several different sports, from Serena Williams to Diana Taurasi and Florence Griffith Joyner. Faouzia holds down the chorus of the song as both artists uplift women in sports.

When talking about how she wanted to approach the song, Rapsody said that she wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work women have done in order to be recognized on an equal playing field as their male counterparts.

“This track was created to honor some of the greatest women in sports, but also acknowledge the struggles they faced to succeed,” she said.

“Dust to Diamonds” will also be included in ESPN’s upcoming film 37 WORDS, directed by Dawn Porter and Nicole Newnham, which is another aspect of the company’s Fifty/50 Initiative. The film is set to premiere next month in June.

Listen to Rapsody’s new song “Dust to Diamonds” down below or over on other streaming platforms. You can also hear the track up top via YouTube.