A local rapper died just days after surviving a mass shooting in Miami, the local NBC affiliate reports

Christopher “Tigoose” Osuna was killed when he and another person were involved in a crash with an SUV carrying a pregnant mother and six children on Friday. An Infiniti involved in the crash was driving on the wrong side of the road after it changed lanes causing the collision, police report.

“My son was in the back seat,” the pregnant mother said after being released from the hospital. “He just had blood and everything coming from his nose. It was just crazy.”

Tigoose was set to perform at El Mula Banquet Hall last month the night a mass shooting took place that killed three and injured 20 others. It’s unclear if the crash was connected to the shooting, but witnesses say that there was a third vehicle involved in the crash and that the accident doesn’t seem to be a random mistake.

“There was another car that left the scene,” the mother said. “That wasn’t just no make a mistake and you get in the wrong lane.”

“There’s a video out there of another car getting away,” Tigoose’s father added. “I think it was foul play in some kind of way.”

While Tigoose’s father says his son has died in a car crash, police have not confirmed Tigoose died in the crash.

Police also believe that driver of the car was trying to make a passing move when they clipped a car and lost control.