Hackney-hailing WONDER is back with South Londoner Kasien for “We Out”—a jumpy new addition to an increasingly impressive output. Clearly a keen believer in the adage ‘always leave them wanting more’, WONDER’s output may be limited for now, but a painstaking approach to quality is producing serious results. Case in point: the crisp, wintry visuals for his latest single.

Produced by the increasingly ubiquitous Kelvin Krash (a name you’ll recognise from his work on Kasien’s I Found Paradise In Hell from last year, among many other things), it’s a clever balance of lo-fi warmth and high-energy bounce. Similarly, the visuals from director Ardmax place the two rappers against the otherwise quiet backdrop of a forest in the dead of winter, but as things kick into overdrive, they put the pedal to the metal, hanging out the window of an expensive car as they burn rubber through the leafy country lanes.