Just last month, Brazilian duo Deekapz (fka DKVPZ) released their Jewel Gems EP, a collection of off-cuts from the archives that deserved to see the light of day, but never quite fit on a release before. It proved a sage move and brought them acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, bolstering the respect and support they’d built up over the past few years. Now they’re back to build on that momentum with the announcement of a new EP, Ensaio Sobre Você (Essay About You), as well as its first single, “Margarida”.

As is their trademark, “Margarida” blends the rhythms and melodies of Brazil’s world-revered Baile funk sound with elements of rap and trap, capping it off with a healthy dose of low end. Despite still being rooted in the club sounds they made their name on, the new EP promises a greater focus on songwriting and, if “Margarida” is anything to go by, more stunning vocal performances.

Ahead of the release of Ensaio Sobre Você on May 14, hit play on “Margarida” below and pre-order the EP here.