It’s hard to escape the unrelenting horror of the news cycle, harder style to find the silver linings in all these grey clouds. One small sliver of hope, however, comes in the groundswell of support for Black Lives Matter protesters and their fight for lasting change. It’s something French singer-songwriter Cha:dy felt duty-bound to commemorate and with the visuals for her new single “Brother”, she hopes to do just that.

A poignant, thoughtfully crafted piece of neo-soul, “Brother” is a moving tribute to the Black Loves Matter movement and everyone whose lives have tragically been lost. Not wanting to detract from the message, the visuals are appropriately lowkey. Created with Spacy Blak and Pier Frames, the grainy video follows Cha:dy as she moves through a church’s graveyard, weighing up the lives lost and the never-ending headlines, before we switch to a shot of her in a dark room lit only by a single candle.

Sharing her thoughts behind the track and what inspired her to write it, Cha:dy explained: “As an artist it was important for me to not stay silent and speak on this issue to keep the conversation going, but with a sense of hope and encouragement because I refuse to believe that things cannot get better.

“I wanted to spread a message of unity and wanted to dedicate this song to the victims and to all the fighters that went to the protests to speak out on the injustice and violence that Black people face everyday and everywhere.”

Press play on the visuals at the top and stream “Brother” below.