In new court documents issued by his defense lawyer Brad Cohen, Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty’s net worth has been revealed.

Shiesty’s worth is currently $3,449,446. He pleaded guilty to one count of firearms conspiracy in January and is facing a potential sentence of eight years behind bars. Cohen has argued that the pre-sentence report issued by the Southern District of Florida includes many mistakes rendering the recommended sentence “illogical.” Of particular note, the defense said the government has claimed Shiesty planned and committed a robbery, then “shot a known drug dealer who knew him well and could easily identify him.”

The court documents highlight that the shooting incident allegedly went down over “a few hundred-dollar drug deal for personal use,” and that Shiesty, real name Lontrell Donell Williams Jr., had $40,912 in cash on him at the time. “With that said, the Government wants this Court to believe Mr. Williams, with a net worth of $3,449,446, planned a robbery, then committed a robbery, and then shot a known drug dealer who knew him well and could easily identify him,” the docs read. “There is no evidence of Mr. Williams involvement in a robbery. There is no audio or even texts discussing a robbery. No drugs or weapons were seized or recovered by law enforcement from Bay Harbor. There are no cooperators in this case. There are no statements of co-defendants.”

At the time of the alleged incident, Shiesty was driving a rented lime green McLaren. “It would be illogical for Mr. Williams to stage a robbery by two other individuals over something so miniscule as a bottle of liquid codeine with a retail value of a few hundred dollars, at most, when any damage done to the McLaren in the process would have cost thousands of dollars to repair.”

Prosecutors have accused the rapper of shooting a man at the Landon Hotel in Florida on Oct. 9, 2020. He was present with a man who has been identified as his road manager to pick up some marijuana while a third man followed in the back. Video surveillance footage caught the moment in question, when the dealer was shot in the buttocks. A Louis Vuitton bag containing the previously mentioned $40,912 in cash fell out of the car as Shiesty drove off.

The defense said it intends to provide “ballistics and forensic evidence” that will prove Shiesty did not fire a weapon or hit anyone during “the Bay Harbor incident.” They said the dealer was facing Shiesty at the time of the shooting, with medical records indicating Shiesty would’ve been unable to shoot the man at the angle in question because he was “sitting in a prone position.”

Shiesty pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to possess a firearm in furtherance of violent and drug-trafficking crimes in January. While he was initially facing up to 20 years, prosecutors have since recommended the eight-year sentence due to his plea. According to Cohen, the defense said the maximum sentence should be between 37 months and 46 months—between three and four years.