Pooh Shiesty’s lawyer has called out rap manager and label owner Wack 100 after he claimed the rapper “snitched” in order to get a lighter sentence.

Last month, Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty pleaded guilty to one charge and is no longer facing the possibility of a life sentence as a result. The 22-year-old’s plea deal meant that prosecutors agreed to a sentence no longer than 97 months, or eight years and one month, but he could still get up to 20 years as the judge does not need to follow the recommendation. 

During a recent Clubhouse session, Wack 100 accused Shiesty of cooperating with authorities and labelled him “a snitch.” In fact, he said he has the proffer—which is a written contract between the defendant and a federal prosecutor—to prove it. Shiesty’s lawyer Bradford Cohen, however, is calling Wack’s claims “fake news.”

"This is 100 percent fake news. @wack100 there is no paperwork that would say @poohshiesty said a word about anything on anything,” said Cohen in an Instagram post, which included a screenshot of multiple YouTube video thumbnails reporting on Wack’s claims. “In fact none of the 3 charged gave proffers on anything about anything having to do with other people. This is just a straight mistruth. They all took pleas to the same crime of 1 count of a possession of a weapon during a drug crime, none of them gave a proffer about anything, it was a straight plea, with all of them having the other 3 life felony counts dismissed. But why bother with facts...just throw something out for clicks."

Wack has not responded to what Cohen said on the matter, but this is far from the first time he’s accused a rapper of being a “snitch.” Last year, he repeatedly called Jim Jones of Dipset a “snitch,” citing a 2019 testimony from Tekashi 6ix9ine, whom Wack has worked with extensively despite his noted cooperation with authorities. 

Following his guilty plea last month, Shiesty was denied bond until his sentencing. The rapper pleaded guilty to a lone firearms conspiracy charge in connection with an alleged October 2020 robbery incident.