Pooh Shiesty reportedly plans to take a plea deal in his federal robbery case.

According to Rolling Stone, the 21-year-old rapper—legal name Lontrell Williams—told a judge he wishes to change his “plea from not guilty to guilty.” Williams and his co-defendant Bobby Brown announced their intentions during a five-minute court hearing on Thursday. The case stems from an October 2020 incident in which they, along with co-defendant Jayden Darosa, allegedly shot and robbed two men outside Miami’s Landon Hotel.

“We’ve entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case,” defense lawyer Bradford Cohen told Rolling Stone.

Williams, Brown, and Darosa were indicted this year on charges of conspiracy, discharging a firearm during a violent crime, and robbery under a law regulating commerce. Authorities say the shooting occurred shortly after the defendants arrived at the hotel to purchase “high-end athletic sneakers,” as well as marijuana.

According to court documents, surveillance video captured the transaction go awry, when Darosa was allegedly seen trying to rob jewelry from one of the victims. Prosecutors say the victim was seen fighting back, prompting Williams to shoot the man in his buttocks. Just seconds later, Brown was allegedly seen shooting the second victim in the hip, before the three defendants drove off.

Investigators say that as the three men fled the scene, a Louis Vuitton bag filled with more than $40,000 fell out of their vehicle. Law enforcement managed to trace the money back to Williams after realizing one of the bill’s serial numbers was the same as a note flashed on the rapper’s Instagram account.

Williams maintained his innocence, claiming the two shooting victims were armed during the altercation and that they were trying to “push” other drugs on to him. The 1017 rapper is facing a possible life sentence if convicted of the firearm charges. A change of plea hearing has not been set.