Polo G is one of music’s brightest young stars. Yet even though his career is just beginning, he’s not scared to liken himself to one of the greatest to ever do it.

On Monday, Polo G took to Instagram where he shared a picture of himself wearing something that 2Pac would’ve dressed in.

“They say I’m ‘Pac rebirthed. Never put out a weak verse,” he wrote under a picture of himself wearing a denim outfit and a bandana tied to the front similar to 2Pac. “Homicides when we lurk imma step til my feet hurt #HALLOFFAME.” 

This isn’t the first time Polo G has connected himself to 2Pac. Last year, he reimagined and sampled 2Pac’s classic track “Changes” for his single, “Wishing for a Hero.” Polo G also isn’t shy about showing off the high aspirations he has for himself since “Wishing for a Hero” was a single off an album the Chicago native titled, THE GOAT.

Also like ‘Pac, Polo G has a deep affinity for his mother. This was on display with Polo bought her a new house. He also trusts her with career by having her a part of his management team.