Having scored a series of inconceivably massive hits in “Pain”, “Passion” and arguably the biggest of all, “Just For Me”, TikTok sensation and singer PinkPantheress has just dropped off her debut mixtape, to hell with it

It’s a quick snip at just shy of 20 minutes long, but it’s also ruthlessly efficient, drilling right down to the essentials that have made her such a runaway success this year. Quick bursts of pop energy here, flashes of samples from the hits of yesteryear there, it’s as forward-facing as it is coyly nodding to what came before.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 20-year-old artist and current film student said: “Music has been the same for so long. It’s like: please, can we get something else? I hope people start to feel more free to break the boundaries of what is acceptable, or the most sonically appealing to everyone.”