Losing a project you’ve been working on because of a broken-down computer or hard drive can be a devastating experience—no matter your line of work—but for musicians, it’s probably even more heartbreaking. For UK producer p-rallel, however, it seems to have been something of a cleansing experience, coming out the other side with some of his best work yet.

“Believe”, his first creation after kissing his hard drive goodbye, sees him link up with Fredwave and Jeshi. With the sweet and soulful tones of the former and the cool-headed raps of the latter, p-rallel ties them together with a gently bumping beat with deep, deep grooves and a warm funk to rattle your bass bins.

With winter firmly upon us now, warmth like this is always welcome, and the visuals from Academy Films duo Ethan and Tom are just as inviting. Taking us back to the seemingly endless summers of youth, we follow our young protagonist who finds himself on a mind-expanding journey of musical discovery.

“It’s quite mad because this song was the first song I made after my hard drive broke a while back,” p-rallel explains. “I was very stressed because I thought I had lost my whole EP. Then I did a session with Fredwave, he was like, ‘Just believe in your craft.’ Then, boom, this tune came out of it. I sat on the tune for a while but then revisited it earlier this year. I thought Jeshi would sound good on it, and here you have it: ‘Believe’!”

Peep the visuals for “Believe” at the top and be sure to add the song to your playlists.